Why I eat meat again, and my husband does not.

By October 18, 2015 Food Truth No Comments

Just over two years ago my husband Dino and I stopped eating meat.  Getting there was a journey for each of us that I’ll get into in a bit…but first the exciting part (well, exciting for me at least) –  I recently started to eat meat again! and it’s one of the best things that I’ve done for my health.

My first bite was of a beef stew made by my brother-in-law.  It was incredible to say the least and filled a craving that I’d had for well over a year.

You may remember me talking about a concept taught in my nutrition school called bio-individuality.  With time I’ve come to believe it is one of the most important concepts to understand when it comes to living your healthiest life.  Bio-individuality is the concept that every person is different; one person’s food is another person’s poison.  Some thrive on a raw vegan diet while others do great on a grain-free paleo diet.  There is not one diet or lifestyle that works for everyone and it takes time, trial and error and listening to your body to learn what works best for you.  One of the biggest misconceptions that is regularly pitched to us is that you should try the next fad diet and if you have the discipline and self-control to stick with it….you’ll lose weight and feel great!  Unfortunately, more than likely that diet is not right for you.  With time you will have an increase in cravings, lower energy, plateau in your weight loss and ultimately beat yourself up for ‘failing’ at yet another diet.  Instead, if you focus on figuring out ‘your’ diet, you will finally start to meet your goals, reducing your cravings and without having to fight against your body for it.  For me this was a profound realization that finally made sense of why I struggled for so many years.

So back to why I’m a meat eater again.  Around 6 months after cutting meat out of my diet, I started having sporadic cravings for it that grew with time.  Specifically beef – some days I would’ve killed for a hamburger.  For quite a while I did my best to ignore the cravings as I worked through my internal battle of whether or not I was comfortable with taking the life of an animal.  It took time for me to work through that and long story short – I’ve found several farmers who respect animals in the same way that I do and here I am! I’m only a month into regular meat eating and I’m feeling great. My cravings have subsided and meals are generally feeling much more satisfying.

My husband on the other hand has literally had no cravings for meat.  For years he had chronic heart burn which went away entirely after cutting out meat (well, not entirely – excessive alcohol and gluten still get him).  He was on the edge of needing to take medication for having high cholesterol and within months of cutting out meat, his cholesterol dropped to healthy levels.  In his words “I just feel lighter”. He has nothing but thrived on his new meatless diet.

During your next meal, try to pay a bit more attention to how you feel. What happens to your energy level? Are you left feeling satisfied? How has the meal affected your digestion? Post below and tell me what you’ve learned!