Sprouts! Sprouts! Sprouts! Takes just minutes, inexpensive and packed with nutrients.

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Sprouts in a mason jar

I recently started making my own sprouts and I am loving it!  It is so easy to do, very inexpensive and great for your health.  I wish I had given this a try sooner.

What are Sprouts?  You can simply think of Sprouts as a mini plant that is grown without soil.  You can quite easily turn a seed, grain, bean or legume into a living plant.  Sprouts have tons of nutrients and have enzymes which aid digestion and help with the absorption of nutrients.  It also breaks down complex starches in legumes and beans that often cause gas/bloating.  Sprouting is convenient in the wintertime when fresh veggies aren’t as readily available.

Step 1

Select the seed, grain, bean or legume that you want to sprout.

– I started with this sprouting mix.  It has made it fun to try different mixes and see what I like.  I suggest sticking with ones that are labeled for ‘sprouting’.  If you’re a straight up Alfalfa Sprout fan then this is the option for you.  Note:  Another popular sprout that is often found in Asian cuisine are Mung Bean Sprouts – one of my favorites.  They are great in stir fry’s.

Step 2

Put your seed/grain/legume/bean into your mason jar (approx amount is 1-2 Tablespoons of smaller ones, 1/3-1/2 Cup of larger ones).

Step 3

Fill jar with water and let sit for 8-12 hours (I usually let it sit overnight).

Step 4

Place your sprout topper onto mason jar and strain water from mason jar.  Try to get most of the water out.  Place mason jar, top  down, in a bowl or plate.

– I use Sprout Ease Econo Sprouter Toppers – really convenient and affordable

– Another option is to use a cheese cloth and a rubber band

– A third option is to use a strainer – pour water and seeds/grain/legumes into strainer and let just let it sit in the strainer

Step 5

Rinse your sprouts twice/day with water and in a few days you will have sprouts!  Don’t worry too much if you miss a rinse here and there.  To rinse in the mason jar, just fill with water, give it a swirl and use your topper or cheese cloth to strain.  To rinse in a strainer just run water through it.


Have fun with it and post below to let me know how it goes!