Have your chocolate and be healthy too!

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Raw Cacao Coconut Balls

Are you a chocolate lover like I am?  If so then you must know the truth about it’s incredible health benefits….that is, when it’s prepared in the right way.

The main ingredient in chocolate is the Cacao bean.  The cacao bean in it’s raw unprocessed state is one of the most nutrient and antioxidant dense foods in the world.  It is especially rich in magnesium, iron, copper and manganese.  It stimulates the release of endorphins acting as a mood-enhancer and is great for boosting your energy.  Unfortunately though, many of these health benefits are lost during processing of most store bought chocolate, plus they typically have many other less than healthy ingredients added in.

If you dare taste raw cacao on its own, it’s incredibly bitter and not very tasty.  Amazingly though, simply mixing it together with a natural sweetener (bananas or dried dates are my favorite with cacao), it transforms into the delicious chocolate-y flavor we all know and love.

I usually buy it in the powdered form which makes it easy to add into a variety of recipes.  A pound goes a long way and usually lasts me months {buy it here}.  I most often use it in my Breakfast Smoothie.  This weekend I tried this new Coconut Cacao Snowballs recipe which inspired this post and are in the photo above.  In the past I’ve tried similar variations of this recipe and they’ve all been great – for the most part you just combine nuts, cacao and a natural sweetener and you end up with a nutrient packed tasty sweet treat.  They freeze well too so I suggest making a double batch and have them on hand for when that sugar craving kicks in!