Danielle’s Health Food Best Price List


I’ve done the dirty work for you in searching for the best prices for your most common health food items.  As a client you will get the full printable 3 page list and any future updates.  This is a great tool to use to save money while eating healthy!  Scroll down for a snapshot of my Health Food Best Price List.  The full list includes nuts, seeds, grains, legumes, beans, oils, dried fruit and more!


A few things to note about my Health Food Best Price List:

  • Most of these items and brands I’ve tried myself and have been happy with.  For Amazon items I only included those with good reviews from other consumers.
  • The last column to the right indicates the last time I verified the price information and availability
  • I included a variety of pricing options to account for:
    • If you do not have access to some of these stores
    • If you’d like to buy larger quantities for a lower price
    • If you’re in a pinch and need to know where you can find the item
    • If you prefer to spend less for non-organic


Where to shop:

Trader Joe’s has been a favorite of mine for years.  It’s a California based company that has healthy food options at great prices.  If you are new to many of the items on my price list, Trader Joe’s  is a great place to start and get a few new items to try.

Ocean State Job Lot is a retail store that sells various items at a discount.  I stop in every month or so to stock up on certain food items.  They have a whole section of ‘Bob’s Red Mill’ brand items including seeds, nuts, flours, grains and more. They are primarily located in the New England area.   Find one near you.

Amazon.com has an awesome program called ‘Subscribe and Save’.  The way it works is that you ‘subscribe’ to certain eligible items to be included in the program – eligible items include consumables such as vitamins, food, toilet paper, dog treats etc .  Your subscribed items are sent to you automatically one specified day each month.  You select the quantity and frequency for each subscribed item (i.e. 2 bags every 3 months).  If in a specific month you purchase less than 5 items, you get 5% off your purchase.  If you purchase 5 or more items you get 15% off your purchase.  Throughout my price list you’ll see reference to ‘S&S’ on Amazon items which includes the 15% discount.  Note:  Set a reminder for yourself each month to review your subscribe and save delivery or you may end up with some things you don’t need!

Whole Foods has a great bulk section that offers great prices.  There are dispensers and bins for a variety of items like grains, nuts, seeds, prepared snack foods, dried fruit, beans, lentils and more.  It takes a few extra minutes to pack and weigh out your items but well worth as you’ll see in my list.

Costco, BJ’s and Sam’s Club are starting to stock more and more healthy items – check it out if you or someone you know has a membership.  I try to go to Costco with my parents when possible and stock up on certain items.

Vitacost.com is a website that I recently discovered and it is great!  Their tagline is ‘Take the cost out of healthy living…since 1994’.  I recently updated my list to include Vitacost prices and you’ll see that they often have the lowest prices.  Love love love!

Local Natural Food Stores are scattered about and always worth a visit.  Support your local community and do a search to see what is close to you.  One that is local to me is The Good Seed in Seekonk, MA which has a bulk section (including organic spices!) and many other items.  There is also a food co-op called Urban Greens opening soon in Providence, RI that I cannot wait for!  Food co-op’s are consumer owned cooperatives where the members make decisions regarding production and distribution of it’s food – typically they stock local, natural foods.  To learn more about how you can support them or to become a member visit their website here.

Simply Glow Healthy Food Best Price List

Danielle’s Best Price List – Snapshot